Naturally whitening medi-cosmetics:

Whiten, lighten, and brighten your skin!

Welcome to SHOUVY, a beauty brand focused on bringing to you top quality medi-cosmetics that naturally whiten, lighten, and brighten your skin. We are a team of beauty product developers with vast experience in the beauty and cosmetics industry, using our knowledge as well as extensive clinical research to develop the best products for our people. We are based in Japan but plan on making SHOUVY a name recognized and loved all over the world.

At SHOUVY, we understand many people want to bring out the best and fairest side to their skin but are often afraid of whitening products as they can be damaging to the skin. We targeted this problem and set out to create skin whitening solutions that would be effective without any safety risks involved. Our passion for what we do combined with our experience in the beauty industry allowed us to develop solutions that are ideal for anyone seeking to lighten the tone of their skin. We now present these solutions to you in the form of SHOUVY products. Our range of products includes creams, soaps, and other beauty products that work to lighten your skin and also provide a variety of other skin benefits.

Our Products…

We have a few promises to make about our products so our customers know what to expect. These promises include:

Unique, Proven Formulas

Our products follow special Japanese characteristics when it comes to mixtures and formulas. These are formulas that are proven to work and developed over a long period of time, undergoing extensive research, trial, and testing. The purpose of every formula is to make your skin brighter and more fresh-looking than ever.

Clinically Developed

All our formulas are developed into products in clinical laboratories with the finest equipment and state of the art resources at hand. Additionally, the development is extremely safe and hygienic, making our products stand out even more in terms of quality.

High Quality Ingredients

All the formulas that are used in our products are comprised of high quality ingredients – we don’t use harsh or harmful ingredients or substances that are not made for the skin. We only use ingredients that are either natural or gentle on the skin.

Made for All Skin Types

When SHOUVY products are under development, one of our main aims is to develop skin products that are ideal for all skin types. Whether you have oily skin or dry; soft or rough – it doesn’t matter. Our products are so gentle on skin that people of all skin types can easily apply them with no side effects.

Safe & No Side Effects

One of the major benefits of using SHOUVY’s unique products is that they are 100% safe to use with no side effects. We know many products out there in the market can come with negative side effects or often they are not made for all types of skin but that’s not the case with SHOUVY products!

Quality Guaranteed

All of our products undergo thorough quality checks to guarantee they are up to the highest standards of quality. We ensure the product you are using is good for you, gently and easily lightening the tone of your skin.

We truly care for you and your skin.

With such products and the ethical standards of our company, we make sure all our customers know that we truly care for their skin. We are not just another skin care brand – we are a brand focused on proper and gentle skin care. It is passion for helping our customers achieve the kind of skin they want that makes us strive to be perfect every day and we will continue to try and achieve excellence in the future too!

Ready to achieve skin brighter than ever before? You finally have the right, safe solution to whitening your skin: SHOUVY. Shop our exclusive product range today!

Talk to Us

Our experience enables us to know a lot about skin care, skin whitening, and how to achieve brighter, lighter skin – which is why we are always open to talk to our customers. If you have any questions at all or any concerns regarding your skin or our products, we’d love to help you through them. Contact us today.